About Bellamy

Hey, call me Bellamy! I'm a ENFP, a ♌, and an avid astrophile [check out my space blog!]. I'm very earnest about equality and have very strong opinions when it comes to politics. I use they/them pronouns and am panromantic asexual.

I'm also a huge geek and I've been in and out of multiple fandoms for a long time! I'm an elusive multi-shipper and I tend to specialize in cracky or implausible ships, especially if they cross fandoms! It doesn't take much for me to ship it, I just need a good fic or piece of art.

In my past time, I enjoy gaming and writing [sometimes even roleplaying]. I also strive towards webdesign and love reading fic more than anything else! I've also recently picked up art again and I'm hoping to get a tablet and give digital art a try.