So, in the past I've done some arty things, but by past I mean almost a decade ago. Obviously, this is nowhere near close to being up to date with my current art, right? Wrong! Due to a combination of incidents in the past, I actually ended up putting aside my sketchbook and only recently [see: 9/16] started again. As most artists know, drawing is a skill and when you don't use it? It atrophies.

Thus, I've decided that I'll link to the "best moments" of my past art and only start displaying my current art once I've reached the stage that it's no longer embarassing. That might be awhile, but I'm hopeful that I can keep up my current pace. I want to learn and improve and, one day, be good enough to take commissions! That's my goal, but for now? I'll keep my art private and support/commission other artists.

Are you ready for a blast from the past?